Sunset Eyewear & Zeta Blanco charity campaign at SMA PGRI 1 Denpasar

Sunset Eyewear Donated 100 Pairs of Prescription Glasses to SMA PGRI 1 Denpasar

Sunset Eyewear is committed to providing good glasses for everyone, be those students or elderly individuals. We recently carried out our annual charity campaign at SMA PGRI 1 Denpasar. This initiative is a part of our ongoing efforts to give back to the communities. 

To make our charity campaign even more fun for the students, we invited Zeta Blanco, an Indonesian beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer. Armed with the necessary tools and a selection of eyeglass frames, our team and Zeta take the show on the road.

We let the students, teachers, and staff pick out their favorite frames but our efforts don't stop at handing out glasses. We understand that accurate prescriptions are crucial in maximizing the potential of each pair of eyeglasses. Our opticians perform free eye tests for each person, allowing for a personalized and precise prescription. Some of the students don't require prescription glasses but we still provide them with blue light control glasses considering most teenagers spend 80% of their time looking at gadgets. Blue light control lenses help filter blue light rays to prevent them from entering the eye and causing potential damage.

We are excited to be doing more of these charity campaigns in the future. By giving the gift of sight, we hope to change lives one pair at a time.