Sunset Eyewear's Beach Clean-Up Charity Event: Keeping The Local Beach of Uluwatu Clean

Sunset Eyewear's Beach Clean-Up Charity Event: Keeping The Local Beach of Uluwatu Clean

On Sunday, 25th of September 2022, Sunset Eyewear proudly hosted a beach clean-up campaign at the stunning Thomas Beach in Uluwatu, Bali. This campaign was initiated to preserve the beauty of the beach, which is sadly being damaged by the trash left behind by irresponsible tourists and visitors.

With the opening of the new Sunset Eyewear store in Uluwatu, we wanted to do our part in keeping the local beaches clean. Over the past few years, Bali has experienced a surge in tourist numbers, which has inevitably led to an increase in the amount of trash on beaches, particularly during the high season. It's now more important than ever to take action to protect the environment.

The beach clean-up event was open to the public, and we were thrilled to see up to 30 volunteers to help us collect the trash. With our exchange program, every participant would receive a pair of free sunglasses for every 1kg of waste collected. We also provided beverages to keep everyone hydrated and energized throughout the day.

Volunteers were assigned different sections of the beach and provided with gloves and trash bags to start the clean-up process. People of all ages worked together to pick up trash and collected all sorts of items, from cigarette butts to plastic bags and bottles. With everyone's help, we compiled significant waste, which would have otherwise polluted the ocean and harmed marine life.

Sunset Eyewear is committed to preserving and protecting the environment. Small changes can have a significant impact, and this event was just one small way to give back to the community and promote awareness about keeping our beaches clean and healthy.